Guidelines for BioHackrXiv, an OSF preprint server for BioHackathon-like events in Life Sciences

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Moderation process

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As a preprint, BioHackrXiv holds no peer-review process. We follow a basic checklist as detailed on the following section. Any submitted article will go through this checklist and a member of the corresponding moderation board will decide whether it can be accepted or not. There is one moderation board per eligible event (more information on moderation boards and the eligible events can be found on the journal policies). We aim to notify about submission in a lapse from 2 to 5 days but the process can take up to two weeks.

Our checklist

If the article is suitable for publication at BioHackrXiv, it will be accepted and a DOI will be assigned. Once a DOI is assigned, preprints become a public record and therefore their metadata must be preserved. Accepted articles can still be withdrawn with the approval of the BioHackrXiv steering committee. More information on the withdrawn process can be found at the OSF pages.

Claims of copyright infringement or plagiarism should be reported by email