Guidelines for BioHackrXiv, an OSF preprint server for BioHackathon-like events in Life Sciences

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Journal policies

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BioHackrXiv has been created to offer a space to report on work done during Biohackathon-like events, e.g., BioHackathons, CodeFests, VoCamps or Sprints. As a preprint, there is no peer-review process but a moderation one to decide whether or not a submitted article can be accepted for publication. Authors are fully responsible for the entire submitted content. BioHackrXiv holds no responsibility for published material.


At the top level, the steering committee will take the responsibility of deciding and managing policies, guidelines, moderation process and directions of BioHackrXiv. You can find the steering committee members at the BioHackrXiv website.


Moderation boards will take care of the moderation process.

We aim to have one global moderation board, and several event-specific moderation boards, one per each supported BioHackathon-like event. A moderation board will have one chair and a variable number of moderators (at least one) who will collaborate with the chair in order to get a quick decision on a submitter paper. The steering committee will contact the event main organizers for them to nominate a moderation board chair. Moderation board members will be then invited by the chair. Chairs and moderators work on a voluntary basis and can therefore quit at any time. If deemed as necessary, the chair will nominate new volunteers.

Any moderation board member can accept or reject submissions following the moderation process. As work done during a BioHackathon-like event is commonly novel and dynamic, we encourage participants to submit in the first 6 months after the event (otherwise the novelty factor can easily go away). We commonly keep moderation boards per event a maximum of 12 months.

We have a global moderation board overseeing possibly orphan submissions. An orphan submission corresponds to those not picked up by any moderation board after 10 days. The global moderators will first identify whether the submission should be processed by one of the existing moderation boards. If so, the corresponding chair will be contacted. If not, the global board will take the task of acceptance based on the moderation process. Overseeing multiple moderation boards is not an easy task, therefore we ask all moderation board members to be considered and act promptly whenever a new submission arrives.